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Music I listen to

I like the heavier rock ... like Nickelback ... AC/DC ... Snow Patrol ... Hinder ... this sort ... but I appreciate all music ... I can listen to country ... classical ... even SOME rap LOL ... I just love music in general ... so ... Rock On everyone !! image

TV shows I watch

I am a CSI Miami addict .. I am madly in love with Speedle LOL and what do they go and do??? ... they killed him off image ... I watch aLOT of American Justice .... Cold Case Files ... First 48 ... most of the time when I am watchin the boob tube it is on A & E or Tru LOL ... oh I also love Gene Simmons LOL ... the man is hillarious !! image

Movies I like

I was told once I was cold hearted because I DIDN'T cry during Titanic ... but if you sit me infront of Ordinary People you can't get me to STOP crying ... that is one of my favorite movies ... also the Color Purple ... I like the old movies from the 40's also ... Cary Grant was a hoot LOL .... I like any movie that can keep my attention ... Comedies ... Tear jerkers ... Mysteries ... Action ... did I leave anything out LMAO image

Interesting facts about me

If ya need me find me on Facebook lol
Hardly ever in Yuku anymore

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    Thanks hun same to you!

    Did you get my email with the tags i sent?
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    Reply from AuntieBrat:

    Yes sweety ... I just found them !!
    Thank You VERY much !!